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About Us

IR-Services is a professional and motivated broad-based, black empowered consulting service. The company is geared to provide customers with innovative human resource solutions and to foster ongoing employer and employee relationships.


Professional and motivated broad-based, black empowered consulting service.

Keeping current with labour legislation and compliancy, IR-Services has intentionally positioned itself to assume a leading role in guiding clients through the veritable minefield, that is the South African labour market.

With an established regional (KZN & Gauteng) infrastructure and long standing strategic alliances, IR-Services enjoys the stability of a solid support system, and is able to mobilise human resources quickly and efficiently to satisfy each client’s requirements.

What We Do

Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, IR-Services is able to provide expert assistance in the following areas:

Skills & Development

  • Recruitment, selection and supply of skilled, semiskilled or unskilled labour;
  • Recruitment, selection and posting of employees into specialist positions;
  • Skills development, skills transfer and training programs;

The company delivers a cost effective and results-orientated service.

Key Functions:

  • Employment Equity;
  • Employee benefit schemes;
  • Industrial relations consulting;
  • Strike resolution;
  • CCMA representation;
  • Health & Safety;
  • Payroll administration;
  • IOD Administration;
  • Strategic Business Management & Financial Consulting;
  • Security

Our Vision

To deliver a holistic, value-added service that is cost effective – paying particular attention to the specific needs of clients – with the aim of establishing long term partnerships.

Our Mission

To continuously assess our methods and systems to ensure the updating and improvement of services on an ongoing basis.

To ensure the development and maintenance of mutual respect and understanding between the employer and employee and to promote employee loyalty and commitment.

To improve production outputs, reduce absenteeism and resolve all issues efficiently and fairly.

To promote employment equity and community upliftment.

Our Structure

IR-Services is a South African, privately owned, Black Economically Empowered company.

The company acknowledges that we are all responsible for the development of our rainbow nation through the advancement of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI), communities and companies. In acknowledging its responsibility towards redressing the imbalances of the past the company has adopted a four-point strategy, of which each point combines the key elements of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, Skills Transfer and Affirmative Action.

The company recognises that as a result of apartheid and other discriminatory laws and practices, there are disparities in employment, occupation and income within the national labour market and business environment.

The four components of this strategy include:

  • Black Ownership and Management
  • A Commitment to the Principles of Employment Equity & Affirmative Action
  • The Promotion & Support of Small Medium & Micro Enterprises
  • Training and Skills Transfer

Ultimately IR-Services shares the view that black economic empowerment should be seen as an integrated and coherent socio-economic process that directly contributes to the economic transformation of South Africa and will bring about significant increases in the numbers of black people that manage, own and control the country's economy.

Our Values

Our primary asset is our employees and we acknowledge their role as stakeholders in our business through our values. In this regard we recognise that:

  • Human dignity, self-fulfilment and a sense of belonging are necessary for a productive workforce.
  • A business is only as strong as the commitment, contentment, ability and drive of its employees.
  • All people are capable of greater achievement if given training, opportunity and recognition.
  • Interdependence, trust and respect are developed by openness, honesty and the fulfilment of obligations and commitments.

Service Offering

In seeking out ways to establish and retain a competitive advantage, an ever-growing number of organisations have recognised the benefits of allowing non-core activities to be managed by professional service providers. This obviously allows them to focus their time, effort and skill on their core activities.

As a specialist human resource provider IR-Services provides a cost effective solution to the management of permanent staff. The company delivers solutions tailor-made to meet clients’ variable human resource needs. A close working relationship with Unions in various industries is conducive to a greater understanding and co-operation between all parties involved.

IR-Services supplies and manages the full spectrum of staff levels from General Workers to Factory Managers on a temporary, contract and permanent basis. Specific industry expertise includes manufacturing, logistics (warehousing & distribution), food & beverage and packaging. Services include the supply and management of temporary staff, outsourcing of contract staff, supply and management of permanent staff, HR / IR management, on-site management & supervision, disciplinary procedures, payroll and administration services, including statutory deductions, processing and management. Specific areas of focus are:


Industrial Relations Management


  • Issuing of all disciplinary documentation including verbal, written and final warnings.
  • Assistance with drafting of disciplinary documents including charges.
  • Impartial Chairing of all Disciplinary Enquiries.
  • Drafting of all outcomes for Disciplinary Enquiries.
  • Issuing of all Dismissal Notices.
  • All union negotiations.
  • Retrenchments.

Customer Benefit

  • Improved employer / employee relationships.
  • Constructive conflict resolution.
  • Implementation of systems.
  • Improved time management.
  • Allows the business to focus on core activities.
  • Streamlines a business’s operations.
  • Gives you access to professional capabilities.
  • Improves service quality.
  • Frees up human resources.



  • CCMA representation.
  • Membership with AHI Employers Organisation. (there is an additional annual membership fee).

Customer Benefit

  • Trained and accredited IR consultants to handle these matters.

Human Resource Management


  • Induction.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Contracts of Employment.
  • Organisational Structures.
  • Counseling and performance monitoring.
  • Employee support services.
  • Employee benefit schemes - financial and lifestyle products.

Customer Benefit

  • Improved employer / employee relationships.
  • Contracts of employment tailored to your requirements.
  • Constructive conflict resolution.
  • Implementation and maintenance of systems.
  • Improved time management.

Payroll Administration (Outsourcing)


  • Weekly / monthly processing of wages and salaries using VIP Payroll.
  • Calculation of all deductions including P.A.Y.E. / U.I.F./ SDL / Provident Fund/ Levies / Annual bonuses / Garnishees / maintenance / workman’s compensation / leave etc.
  • Stationery (i.e.: confidential payslips / VIP reports).
  • Payroll reports can be tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Timeous payment of salaries / wages via EFT.
  • Delivery of payslips.
  • Flex pay system as we are able to offer future dated release dates which are date and time specific.
  • Fax / phone / email correspondence.
  • Queries and adjustments.
  • EFT Payment of provident fund, garnishees / maintenance / levies / union fees etc.
  • IRP5’s.
  • Completion of UI19’s when staff leave.
  • Keeping sick and annual leave balances, calculation of any payment of these.

Customer Benefit

  • You save on your administration staff salaries, benefits and overtime.
  • You also save on:
  • Printing done and telephone calls made in admin department.
  • Servicing of office equipment.
  • Cost of payslips.
  • Electronic bank transfer costs.
  • Payroll software.
  • Computer and printing equipment.
  • Statutory returns, UIF, SDL & WCA.
  • IRP5’s.
  • Our professional and friendly payroll team always go the extra mile.

Accident and incident reporting (IOD)


  • All incidents or accidents reported within 24 hours after the detection of any transgression to be investigated, and where necessary feedback of findings given in an incident report.
  • Assistance with the completion of WCL2 forms for submission to Department of Labour.
  • Liaising with Doctor’s rooms and hospitals involved.
  • Follow up with claim until resolution.

Customer Benefit

  • Saves you time as this can be a time consuming and frustrating task.

Labour Court


  • Labour Court Proceedings.

Customer Benefit

  • One stop service, we manage the risk and the process on your behalf.
  • A relationship with specialist labour attorneys who provide us with up to date advice and assistance when necessary.

Health & Safety


  • Health & Safety Audit Reporting.
  • Set performance and measurement parameters to be complied with as a minimum standard.
  • Consistent operational and administrative controls.
  • Implementation of a SHE (OHS) management system aimed at continual improvement.
  • Occupational and primary healthcare services (OHS).

Customer Benefit

  • Ensures Health, Safety & environmental risks / impacts are reduced to as low as reasonably practical.
  • Guides management in implementing a system that is compliant with current health and safety legislation.

Loss Control


  • Undercover support to reduce theft and have early warning of any problems that might develop.
  • High caliber of undercover operatives discreetly infiltrated into your business.
  • Reduced pilferage and waste.
  • Information with regard to developments in union activity, unofficial go-slows, drug abuse, sabotage and any other form of unsatisfactory behavior.

Customer Benefit

  • A risk management service to identify areas of risk and reduce shrinkage.



  • BEE certification.

Customer Benefit

  • Favorability with your clients that are aiming to procure 50% of their annual procurement from companies with BEE certificates.
  • Ability to bid for Government tenders, apply for licences.
  • Preference when considered for procurements by the Public Sector and all BEE verified enterprises.
  • Access to tax incentives and financial grants, specifically aimed at the BEE programme.

Employment Equity


  • Employment Equity Consultation.
  • Meet with employer, assign a senior manager and prepare formal letter of appointment.
  • Inform employees of general meeting by way of notice on notice boards.
  • Hold general meeting with staff and update them on the importance of EE, the committee election and its purpose, hand out ballots.
  • Conduct election for EE committee.
  • Public counting of ballots, confirmation of elected members and notification to elected members of training.
  • Training of EE committee.
  • Meeting (two per annum) to discuss EE plan and report SETA submission as well as view and pass EE submission to the Department of Labour. Set date for the following EE committee meeting.
  • Submit EE plan to the Department of Labour.

Customer Benefit

  • Employment equity compliance and reporting.

Strike Action Plan/ Resolution / Lockouts


  • A support team to assist with swift strike resolution.
  • Assistance with contingency planning.
  • Recruitment and transport of staff during the strike.
  • Advice on obtaining an interdict and negotiating strike rules and if there is a union, a picketing agreement.

Customer Benefit

  • Mitigates the risk and loss of production.



  • Recruitment, selection and supply of semiskilled or unskilled labour.
  • Recruitment, selection and posting of employees into specialist positions.
  • Competency based screening and interviewing.
  • Psychometric assessments.
  • Performance analysis and interventions.
  • Recruitment advertising.

Customer Benefit

  • Candidates that meet your requirements.
  • Development of partnerships with our clients.
  • High staff retention.
  • A return on your investment (candidates that produce results).
  • An employee that is an asset rather than a liability.

Operatives / Undercovers


  • Operatives work as a normal employee but provide valuable information regarding theft, bribery and conflicts of interest (e.g. union movement, general misconduct, staff perception of work related issues).
  • Operatives are debriefed fortnightly.
  • If any form of misconduct is discovered, further investigations will commence in order to obtain substantial proof.
  • To assist with possible prosecution.

Customer Benefit

  • Useful information is gained from an IR perspective.
  • The Operative fee is inclusive of 2 bi-monthly debriefs which will be forwarded to you.

Strategic Advantages

IR-Services employs skilled consultants who oversee the staff complement on a daily basis. These consultants are trained in people management and HR/IR skills and take care of all employees wage, personnel, and other issues.

In addition to skilled consultants IR-Services offers a full human resource service. This includes drafting of employment contracts, issuing of all disciplinary documentation including verbal, written and final warnings. Assistance with drafting of disciplinary documents including charges. Impartial chairing of all disciplinary hearings. Drafting of all outcomes for disciplinary hearings, counselling and performance monitoring, union negotiations, CCMA, employee profiling and recruitment issues etc.

The IR-Services team has a clear understanding that workers must identify with the clients production goals and general standards of professionalism. The company therefore offer an integrated service where they are constantly working with clients to improve performance and productivity. The company takes particular pride in clients’ success.

IR-Services enjoys being challenged by clients to improve productivity levels and decrease absenteeism levels, theft, late coming, malingering, poor performance etc. etc.

Set Us Apart

What sets IR-Services apart from others in this field is an honest commitment to making clients business more efficient, profitable and productive.

The Benefits


Allows company management to focus on core business issues, rather than tying them up in the identification, selection, training, human & industrial relations and administration of personnel.


The compliance burden associated with personnel functions such as recruitment & selection, pay roll, administration, compensation, training, skills development, employment equity, affirmative action etc is greatly reduced.


Contract labour makes allowance for production and seasonal fluctuations. Labour is available when you need it and only for as long as you need it.

Resource Allocation:

Using professional service providers permits the redirection of personnel resources between organisational activities. This allows organisations who are tuned in to their markets to respond rapidly to market demands.

Risk Limitation

By entering into a mutually beneficial relationship with IR-Services, clients are able to limit their risk by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the company.


It is often prohibitively expensive for organisations to employ Human Resource, Industrial Relations & People Development specialists. A partnership with IR-Services will afford an organisation direct access to this expertise, with the obvious resultant benefits.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, Would like to know more about us or any of the services on our website. Please get in touch and we will get back to you.